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Textiles, Basketry, and Cordage from Jezirat Fara'un (Coral Island).

Alisa Baginski and Orit Shamir.

Atiqot XXXVI. Jerusalem, 1998.

part 1
part 2
part 3

Pottery of the Crusader, Ayybuid and Mamluk Periods in Israel.

Miriam Avissar and Edna J. Shtern.

IAA Reports,No, 26. Jerusalem 2005.



Une robe de filette libanaise d'epoque mamluke. (fr)

Archeologie Islamique 5, Paris, 1995

The Zangid bridge of Ǧazīrat ibn ʿUmar (ʿAyn Dīwār/Cizre):

A New Look at the carved panel of an armoured horseman (eng)
David Nicolle, Nottingham University

Arms and Armors Illustrated in the Art of Latin East

David Nicolle, Nottingham University


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