What is the best date of arrival?

We recommend to book you flight for the date not later than a day before the event. Traditional tours in Jerusalem and the rest of the country, pilgrimage, socializing and entertainment activities are better to be postponed until after the event. In such case, you’re guaranteed with stronger impression for your tour and we could dedicate more time to you.



There should be. Usually good air companies allow for buying an additional luggage place for about $60. This means 20-23 kg more. Normally, this is enough for two event participants. You might want to put on some more clothes, like gambeson. We always do like this  .


Visas and other official leaves?

NONE. Just book a ticket and get on the plain. Citizens of Schengen area, Russia, or Ukraine do not need a visa to visit Israel.


What about customs?

Israeli customs are famous for their severity. Well, actually it’s not THAT scary. We have several Living History events each year and host Re-enactors from every part of the world as well as travel abroad with all our stuff too. Tons of armor and medieval weaponry keep crossing our board. Still, to make your life easier and prevent possible trouble you might want to send your information to the organizing party: First and Last Name in English transcription, international passport number, flight No and arrival time. Contact person for participants - Pavel Khromov will reply to you with a personal invitation letter in Hebrew containing an explanation of your visiting purpose, the event information, contact phone number and your temporal residential address in Israel. You should show this letter to customs officer if asked.


How to get there?

Before the event, all the hosting party are in a condition of terrible mess – besides, it’s not a holiday or weekend. That’s why we can’t make a commitment to catch all of you in the airport. Still, we will do our best to oblige but we are happy to inform you that there’s regular public transportation from the airport. You can reach Jerusalem and Haifa by Nesher shuttle or Tel Aviv by train. The shuttle to Jerusalem costs about NIS 70.  You are welcome to contact the hosting party in advance in order to get complete information.


Where to stay?

There are two options: hotels/hostels in the city or hosting by local fellow re-enactors.

  •  If you choose to book a hotel you might want to pick a city provided with our special bus service to get to and from the event (see above). For one, we can guarantee our bus stops in Jerusalem and central region of the country, area of Tel Aviv - Petah Tiqwa .

  •  Nice and friendly cheap hostel Abraham in Jerusalem.

  •  If you want to stay with friends, we are happy to count you out. If you want to be hosted but don’t know anyone who could host you, contact us. Earlybirdshavebetterchance!